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Nowak's Story

Founded in 1982 by brothers Joe and Ken Nowak, Nowak Machined Products is an IATF 16949: 2016 certified precision CNC machine shop…but we’re much more than that.

Here, we don’t just clock in, clock out and call it good. We obsess over making sure we do everything we can to help you solve your problem in the best possible way, at the lowest possible cost and in the fastest possible turnaround time.

We’re still family-owned and operated, but at Nowak, even those not related are family. We have an all for one and one for all attitude that empowers employees and cuts through red tape for customers. There’s no going through a chain of command to get what you need – every staff member has the skill and knowledge to give answers and make decisions quickly, which means you can get your job up and running quickly, too.

Picture of Ken and Joe

We genuinely care about providing not just good products and services, but the best you can find; not just timely solutions, but high quality, innovative ideas that solve your problem and save you time and money to boot. Why? Because we know that’s not only what you want…it’s what you need.

You can’t afford to be shut down, to be waiting for answers, to miss deliveries or deadlines. When you need help, you need it quickly. You need someone you can depend on to not only provide a cost-effective, high-quality solution, but you need them to provide it fast. We understand that. Which is why we’re passionate about delivering parts that are not only machined precisely, but precisely fit your needs…and your budget.

We’re not just your average machining shop. We’re Nowak Machined Products – a local, community-minded, family-owned place with knowledgeable people, technologically advanced equipment and a passion to achieve a single goal: Making your job easier.

We Are IATF 16949:2016 Certified