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Innovative Approach

The Problem

One of the most renowned manufacturers in America had a problem. An assembly used in their products was out of alignment and threatened performance.

Originally, the components were machined and then shipped out to be welded into the assembly. Unfortunately, the welding process introduced distortion. Simply, the assembly was crooked, and didn’t fit. The manufacturer needed a solution.

The Solution

The team at Nowak put our heads together, and developed a new approach. We worked with the manufacturer to weld the assembly first. Nowak then developed a set up that perfectly aligns all the machining, regardless of variations in the assembly. All cutting and drilling is in perfect alignment, and the finished assembly now fits. Perfectly.

The effort was so successful that the customer asked us to work on assemblies for four other products. We produce almost 200,000 units for them each year.

This is what sets Nowak Machined Products apart. It isn’t our equipment; it’s our thinking that makes the difference — that makes Nowak more than capable.

It isn’t our equipment; it’s our thinking that makes the difference.