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Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

The medical field is not a stagnant industry. As medicinal equipment continuously grows faster, stronger, and smarter – so do our parts. Keeping quality at the forefront of our business, Nowak Machined Products has thrived in the ever-evolving process of providing parts to vital equipment in the field.

Our air compressor components for both medical and dental equipment enable providers to perform life-saving procedures to patients. Timing is critical in most of these treatments. That’s why NMP strives to solve any customer’s manufacturing issues with fast and effective results. Precision is also paramount, meaning we craft our products knowing that they cannot fail. It is this balance of a steady hand and effective timing that creates dependable products for providers around the world.

Medical, Dental, and Assembly

Trusted parts from NMP are used in both medical and dental equipment, as well as the assembly of other medical equipment.