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Problem Solving

The Problem

At Nowak Machined Products, we have developed a reputation for solving problems. Time and time again, we’ve taken projects that gave other companies headaches. We’ve solved problems with timing, quality, and per-unit cost. We’ve been successful in these challenging environments.

The Solution

Not long ago, several rush projects entered our plant simultaneously. We found ourselves facing a shortage of capacity. That usually means overtime and increased costs. So we did for ourselves what we do for so many of our customers. We looked at our process and we took advantage of our flexible, cell-based manufacturing approach. We employed lean manufacturing techniques and re-designed our plant layout. We removed the bottlenecks and regained production capacity without additional time and equipment costs.

This is what sets Nowak Machined Products apart. It isn’t our equipment; it’s our thinking that makes the difference — that makes Nowak more than capable.

Success can bring its own problems. Solving them intelligently sets us apart.