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Lowering Costs

The Problem

Rack and pinion components are among the toughest parts to manufacture. They’re extremely complex, and critical to the safe operation of the automobile.

Not long ago, the approach was use a dedicated machine to produce them. A custom piece of equipment that was expensive and required long development time. As though the capital investment wasn’t a large enough hurdle, these machines offered little flexibility to accommodate product design changes and improvements.

The Solution

A tier-one manufacturer brought Nowak Machined Products into the development process for a new rack-and-pinion component. We used time-proven tooling, and intelligent pairing of CNC machines as an alternative to the dedicated machine. We were leaders in taking this approach in production.

The result was a part cost that went from the traditional mid $25 range to $14. By implementing continuous process improvements, today’s price per unit is even less.

This is what sets Nowak Machined Products apart. It isn’t our equipment; it’s our thinking that makes the difference — that makes Nowak more than capable.

We were the first company ever to take this approach in production.