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Competitive on a Global Scale

The Problem

One of our customers, who had previously re-sourced a part we’d been machining for them to an over-seas supplier, came to us requesting a quote on machining this part for them again. Since re-sourcing the part with the foreign supplier, they’d experienced continuous delivery and quality problems, which in the end out-weighed the cost savings associated with manufacturing it over-seas. Despite these issues cost was still a major priority for our customer, and they needed to ensure they were getting the best pricing possible.

The Solution

Knowing that cost was still a huge factor in our customer’s decision of where to source this part, our Engineering and Quoting team began work on developing the most cost-efficient process to machine this part without impacting quality. Our customer requested quotes from not only us, but also from numerous other suppliers across all of North America. However, despite the vast pool of quotes they received, our pricing combined with our performance history proved to be the most competitive overall, and resulted in us being awarded the project.