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Manufacturing today is a global industry. Starting in the 1970s, “offshoring,” or moving production overseas, became a popular waxy to decrease costs while still meeting the needs of markets that were growing at unprecedented rates. In spite of the impact that the global pandemic has had on supply chains, worker shortages, and more, manufacturing remains a global enterprise.

Nowak and Global Manufacturing 

What this means for us at Nowak is that we don’t compete only with companies in Muskegon, Michigan, or even the United States. We have to stay competitive in a global market—and we do that through innovative, forward-thinking processes and solutions that set us apart. 

What does staying competitive in a global market mean? In one recent case, we won a bid posted by a global supplier that was entertaining bids from capable vendors all over the world. Here’s why the supplier chose Nowak: 

  • Affordable Technology
    Our philosophy of using technology to keep machined products affordable for our customers has allowed us to grow and prosper in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Today, the parts we machine are shipped around the globe, to countries like Germany, Mexico, and Canada.
  • Long-Lasting Solutions
    We listen closely to our customer’s problems, determine how best to solve them, and suggest cost-saving techniques to ensure that they don’t just get a quality part but a long-lasting solution that saves time and expenses.
  • Unmatched Turnaround Time
    We create, build, and maintain custom fixtures designed to be interchangeable among our machines to prevent downtime. Nowak customers not only get a precisely machined part, but they get that part faster than anywhere else.
  • Expert Staff
    We have an all-for-one-and-one-for-all attitude that empowers our employees and eliminates red tape for customers. There’s no going through a chain of command to get what you need—every staff member has the skill and knowledge to provide answers and make decisions quickly.

Our more than 30 Haas machines provide our customers with the best in CNC machining services, from aluminum die and sand castings to steel forgings to aluminum extrusions to ductile and gray iron castings to steel weldments to bar stock processing. 

This is what sets Nowak Machined Products apart. Whatever your problem, we work hard to help you solve it as quickly as possible. If you’re interested in partnering with Nowak Machined Products for your next job, contact us for a quote.

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