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Competitive on a Global Scale

One of our customers, who had previously re-sourced a part we’d been machining for them to an over-seas supplier, came to us requesting a quote on machining this part for them again.

Oil Pan

A new customer came to us in need of a supplier to machine an expedited re-design of an aluminum oil pan for an automotive platform.

Swing Arm

About 8 weeks prior to the launch of a new motorcycle the OEM discovered a major problem with the new design of the bike.

Innovative Approach

One of the most renowned manufacturers in America had a problem. An assembly used in their products was out of alignment and threatened performance.

Turn Around Time

A tier-one automobile supplier had a huge problem. Their in-house machining department had quality problems, and was down on a Friday. Unfortunately, the big three auto company they supplied needed their parts for the assembly line on Monday. If that line were down, the cost penalties would be significant.

Affordable Technology

Manufacturing today is a global industry. We don’t just compete with companies in Muskegon, or Michigan, or even the United States. One global supplier posted its bid requirements on the internet, offering capable vendors all over the world the opportunity to land the project.

Quality Control

A supplier of truck components had a serious problem. Their product performance was not up to design standards. The problem was machining that resulted in dimensional problems that compromised the integrity of the component. The assembly line was struggling and schedules were becoming impossible to meet.

Lowering Costs

Rack and pinion components are among the toughest parts to manufacture. They’re extremely complex, and critical to the safe operation of the automobile.

Problem Solving

At Nowak Machined Products, we have developed a reputation for solving problems. Time and time again, we’ve taken projects that gave other companies headaches. We’ve solved problems with timing, quality, and per-unit cost. We’ve been successful in these challenging environments.